Faculty welfare

At IES University, we value the well-being and success of our esteemed faculty members. They are provided with essential resources and support to enhance their professional growth, health and overall quality of life. The university has fostered an environment where they can thrive both personally and academically.

1. Health and wellness:

  1. Regular medical checkups given for all staff members.
  2. Stress management seminars and workshops conducted on regular basis for mental welfare of the staff members.
  3. In-house medical facilities from department of ayurveda and department of nursing.
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2. Professional development:

  1. Regular workshops and seminars, subject matter expert sessions are arranged for enhancing faculty knowledge, innovative teaching methodology and professional development. The Faculty development programs (FDP) are arranged in association with various industry partners to equip them with the skills and knowledge of latest technologies.
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3. Research support:

IES University is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation with our researchers and scientists pioneering breakthroughs in many fields with access to world-class laboratories, state of the art equipments and resources that enable them to conduct experiments and studies. Faculty at IES has been developing research skills and has published over 200 publications in Scopus indexed journals Research & Development.

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4. Recognition and awards:

We acknowledge the exceptional contributions of our members for their research, projects, books and book chapters , NPTEL certifications and many more through awards, accolades and appreciation events.

5. Recreational activities:

  1. Fitness classes and sports leagues: Staff members participate in fitness classes , sports leagues regularly to maintain physical health and for purposes of recreations.
  2. Cultural activities: Faculty of IES University come together to celebrate diverse cultural festivals making our campus a hub of creative and cross-cultural exploration,where students can learn from each other's traditions.
  3. Music and performance arts: Faculty members showcase their talents in various events organized by the institution.
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